maandag 12 november 2012

This week!

The 14th of November, we’ll be giving away 3 x 2 tickets for the upcoming show of Swedish synthpunkers HOLOGRAMS and Belgian rockers RÄPE BLOSSOMS at club “Nijdrop” in Opwijk. First European tour of those Swedes who will present their fine debut LP live on Saturday, November 17. 6 persons can get in for free thanks to us! So listen live to Helter Skelter next Wednesday and you’ll find out soon enough how to win one of the 3 duotickets.

Via Nijdrop

Via the facebookpage

And once again we’ll be in musical charge all evening and all night in bar “Kinky Star” this coming Friday, November 16. We’ll start spinning all our precious wax around 10 PM (after the concert of heavy rockers These Mountains Are Ghosts) until dawn. For those not in the know: “Kinky Star” is located at the Vlasmarkt in the center of Ghent. Drop by and drop out!

Via Kinky Star

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