dinsdag 6 december 2011

Hang the DJ.

These will be the last 2 Helter Skelter dj-gigs of 2011 in our proper hometown!
Thursday we will be spinning some quality tunes at the local Christmas market. This is definitely the oddest pairing ever in the history of Helter Skelter which means it can only turn out cool!
Saturday will be a whole other beast: Hessian is one of the best new Belgian hardcorebands who already shared stages with wellknown acts like Converge, Rise And Fall and Coliseum. They'll start playing at 21.30 and around 22.00 Helter Skelter will take over and play records for the rest of the night. We want to go out with a bang so everything loud and heavy is to be expected! The whole night takes place at bar "Kinky Star" and entrance is FREE! Come down heavy!

Website Winterdroom

Website Kinky Star

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