vrijdag 4 november 2011

For your (listening) pleasure.

- MAGNETIX – Drogue electrique

Third LP by this duo from Bordeaux (France). Their best one yet and once again a terrific release by Born Bad Records & Slovenly Recordings. Make also sure to go see them at Magasin 4 (Brussels) on the 25th of November!

Stream Magnetix "Drogue electrique"
Magnetix @ Magasin 4

- REIGNING SOUND - Abdication … for your love

We still consider “Time bomb high school” as their magnum opus but Reigning Sound has never let us down. New killer work by Greg Cartwright & Co.!

Stream Reigning Sound "Abdiction …"

- CRYSTAL STILTS – Radiant door

This 12” EP will soon be available via Sacred Bones Records. Hazy, dreamy, fuzzy and psychedelic. New work by one of the better bands coming out of NYC!

Stream Crystal Stilts "Radiant door"

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