dinsdag 6 september 2011


Swedish punks Tyred Eyes are new kids on the block and will be doing their first European tour starting next week. No Belgian or Dutch dates unfortunately but luckily France comes to the rescue.
Tyred Eyes will be playing in Lille on the 16th of September which is just across the Belgian border. If you want to put in some more effort, you can hit up Paris where Tyred Eyes will be sharing the bill with French youngsters The Pupils (see the link for streaming their LP).
Stream Tyred Eyes first EP via the link underneath or buy the 7” straight from them or via their always reliable label Ken Rock Records.

Here are the tourdates:
14/9. Helsingör, Denmark @ Elvaerket.
15/9. Bielefeld, Germany @ Desperado.
16/9. Lille, France @ The Revenge Pub.
17/9. Paris, France @ Le Zorba.
18/9. Orleáns, France @ 5eme Avenue.
19/9. Eat cheese, drink wine.
20/9. Marseille, France @ La Machine á Coudre.
21/9. Torino, Italy @ TBA.
22/9. Milano, Italy @ TBA.
23/9. Tübingen, Germany @ Hegel7.
24/9. Potsdam, Germany @ La Datcha.

Tyred Eyes bandcamp

Ken Rock Records

The Pupils bandcamp

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