zaterdag 16 juli 2011

Snälla, snälla.

Newborn Swedish label Ooga Tjacka Tapes just put out his first release called “Pickled Herring Punk”. A compilation tape (yes, they’re definitely back and hipper than ever!) with the cream of the crop of today’s Swedish underground punkscene. Or like they say themselves: “Choice nugs of new Swedish racket!”. Further proof that Sweden still delivers the goods in 2011 when it comes down to great hc/punk/garage!
Full albumstream via bandcamp. Check the facebookpage of Ooga Tjacka Tapes or Swedish distro Art or Arse if you want to purchase a physical copy.

Pickled Herring Punk bandcamp

Ooga Tjacka Tapes facebook

Art or arse distro

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