donderdag 23 juni 2011

I wanna get a job in the city.

Worth visiting is the Bloody Belgium exposition at Hectoliter gallery in Brussels. A noteworthy exposition about the first wave of Belgian punk. Art by Poch (France) and Elzo (Belgium). Runs until July 3.

The fabulous Born Bad Records also released an accompanying 7" with the following tracklist:

1. CONTINGENT - violence
2. MAD VIRGINS - i'm a computer
3. X-PULSION - schmucks (live)
4. CHAINSAW - what goes on

A nice booklet is included and only 300 copies were made. Price is 10 € and for sale at Hectoliter gallery, "Veals and Geeks" in Brussels or via Born Bad Records. Don't miss out!

Hectoliter gallery
Veals and Geeks
Born Bad Records

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